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Flytac Flight Schools Arizona

Flytac Flight Schools Arizona is here to help you in living the dream of becoming a pilot. Flytac Flight Schools Arizona offers a wide variety of pilot training from the very best schools in Arizona. Whether you are beginning with an amazing Discovery Flight, or want to advance even more for a license, our flying lesson experts are prepared and waiting to get you in the right school for you!

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Flytac Flight Schools Arizona

Pilot Schools Arizona offers thorough understanding and counsel of a seasoned professional to assist potential pilots-in-training in their advancement towards their final flight goals. Our large range of offered flight training curriculums accommodate a diverse array of interests, as we commit ourselves to offering a regulatory and all inclusive program exclusively customized to satisfy your career ambitions.

Arizona Discovery Flights

Your flight career is certain to evolve into a life-long obsession, nevertheless, your instruction will invariably commence with an effective and required discovery flight. This consists of an aggressive strategy to discovering the intrinsics of an airplane in addition to a solid familiarization with the specific controls of the aircraft. We constantly incorporate some time, of fluctuating length, for solo flight during a 30 minute lesson. However, your instructor will be with you throughout to guarantee the precision of the flight and, as a result, your personal safety. Your first flight will be recorded as a preliminary advancement of your smooth transition into future training.

Arizona Flight School Gifts

Don't sink to the level of your fellow family and friends with another dull gift, and try something fresh! Our unique variety of flight adventures accomodate a wide range of passions, each journey is sure to warrant a reaction of more than just the morally formed obligation to say "thank you." Give someone a certificate of excitement and have them flying in a safe and reliable aircraft countless feet above the ground!